Why does a man have testicles sore after a long arousal?

The question of why eggs hurt from overexcitement often arises among representatives of the stronger half of humanity. Since this problem exists, it cannot be ignored.

pain in the balls from overexcitement

In the testes (male gonads), sperm and testosterone (male sex hormone) are produced. If arousal is accompanied by pain, you will need to identify and remove the cause.

The main causes of pain

The reasons can be physiological and pathological:

  • overexcitement;
  • when there was no sex for a long time;
  • infectious diseases;
  • development of neoplasms;
  • pathology of Organs genitourinary organs;
  • trauma;
  • circulatory disorders;
  • hypothermia;
  • inguinal hernia;
  • varicocele;
  • epididymal cyst;
  • anatomical disorders;
  • twisting of the spermatic cord;
  • pathologies associated with the nervous plexuses.

Unsatisfied excitement can cause swelling of the testicles due to the accumulation of blood. Prolonged absence of ejaculation can cause pulling-like pain, but does not pose a health threat.

Pain can be caused by:

  • interrupted sexual intercourse;
  • pathologies associated with the digestive system;
  • neurological problems.

Underwear can cause discomfort. It is not recommended to use models that compress the genitals. It is better to refuse underwear made of synthetic materials. It is advisable not to wear jeans or tight pants.

possible diseases

Varicocele - as a result of venous stasis, the tissues of Organs pelvic organs do not receive the necessary substances in sufficient quantity, the sperm begin to die.

Scrotal injuries - After an injury, tissues become inflamed, exudate is formed. You need to seek medical help immediately. Sharp object injuries can result in extensive bleeding.

Torsion of the spermatic cord - in the absence of essential nutrients, discomfort in the testicle arises.

Immediate medical attention is needed to prevent testicular atrophy.

Since the male genitals are adjacent to Organs urinary organs, urethritis or cystitis can cause pain in the scrotum.

The deformity can follow an illness or injury, after which the risk of pain syndrome increases when an erection occurs. After identifying the cause and location of the deformity, the doctor chooses methods of restoring the organ.

An inguinal hernia compresses the spermatic cord and causes pain. The pathology does not always present pronounced symptoms, sometimes it occurs latently. Painful sensations occur when aroused or during intercourse.

A hydrocele is accompanied by the formation of fluid in the testis as a result of impaired circulation. A characteristic symptom is an enlargement of the organ, a sharp pain on palpation.

The development of a malignant neoplasm can affect the glandular tissue or the excretory ducts. Testicular pain occurs after the tumor grows to a large size.

Under the influence of prolonged hypothermia in the testicles, painful pain may occur.

Infection is often the cause of inflammation in the scrotum. There are several infectious and viral diseases:

  • epididymitis (swelling, hyperemia, swelling appears in the scrotal area);
  • orchitis (it has an acute onset, is characterized by increased temperature, pain in the groin region, which is intensified when walking, the scrotum is smooth and shiny, the size of the testicle is increased);
  • ureaplasmosis, mycoplasmosis, chlamydia, etc.

Who to contact and how to deal

If alarming manifestations appear, you need to visit a urologist. On examination, the doctor feels the testicles. They should be in the scrotum, round or oval in shape, and not painful. Diagnostics (lab and hardware) are performed to identify causes. After clarifying the diagnosis, the doctor decides how to remove the symptoms that bother the patient.

Treatment after an injury is to adhere to bed rest, the use of cold compresses. Sometimes pain relievers are needed. After severe injuries accompanied by severe pain, the patient is referred to a hospital (surgical treatment may be necessary if blood accumulates in the scrotum).

Emergency surgery is needed in case of testicular torsion, otherwise you may not have time to save the organ. For epididymitis, a course of antibiotics is prescribed to prevent the infection from spreading to other organs.

Orchitis requires immediate treatment to prevent complications (inflammation of the appendices, atrophy of the gonads). Antibiotics are used, if necessary, pain relievers are prescribed. The patient should observe bed rest, wear tight underwear.

Varicocele is treated with surgery (the affected vein is ligated or removed). An inguinal hernia is most often treated with a surgical method in a hospital.

Pain Relief Methods

If during the examination no violations are revealed and the discomfort is caused not by the illness but by prolonged abstinence, there is no need to use medication.

To get rid of discomfort, you must know how to relieve pain. In most cases, full intercourse or masturbation will help. As soon as ejaculation occurs, tension is reduced and the pain disappears.

When the cause of discomfort becomes overexcitement from prolonged caressing or cuddling and it is impossible to end sexual intercourse in a natural way, you can get relief through masturbation.

After ejaculation and orgasm, the discomfort disappears after a while. To avoid this situation, it is necessary to reduce the duration of foreplay.

Prolonged abstinence can cause testicular pain. In such a situation, it is recommended to resort to masturbation until a permanent partner appears. Otherwise, with repeated repetition of the situation, impotence can develop.

The arousal pain that occurs after kissing a girl can persist for 1-2 hours. A hot bath helps to reduce it. It is possible to relieve tension with the help of simple exercises that normalize blood circulation in Organs pelvic organs:

  • run;
  • squats;
  • swimming;
  • brisk walk.

What you shouldn't do is self-medicate.

Preventive measures

have sex to prevent testicular pain

Following simple recommendations helps maintain health:

  • weekly self-examination;
  • after an injury, consult a physician;
  • avoid overexcitation;
  • strong arousal to end ejaculation;
  • do not allow abstinence for too long;
  • have sex regularly;
  • prevent hypothermia and urine stagnation;
  • wear underwear made from natural materials;
  • observe hygiene;
  • avoid damage to the testicles.


The prognosis depends on the severity of the pathology. In most situations, complete recovery occurs, but in severe cases, the testicle cannot be saved.

With overexcitation or as a result of long-term abstinence, the normal functioning of Organs genitals is disrupted. This causes discomfort, the man does not like sexual intercourse.