Potency in men at 40: causes of decline and how to increase

mature man and increased potency after 40

Andrology scientists carried out several studies and proved that a man has sexual potential, which is enough for 10 women. But, unfortunately, in practice everything happens differently, because the potency in men after the age of 40 decreases drastically and, by the age of 50 or more, many representatives of the stronger sex dream of returning to their previous activity.

the man thought about increasing power after 40

Why there are potency issues at age 40, what symptoms should be a sign to see a specialist, and how a reduced erection is treated, we'll tell you later.

Decreased potency after 40: causes

According to andrologists, the main reason for the reduction in potency in adulthood is the lack of the male hormone in the body - testosterone. This hormone is responsible for the male libido, the formation of germ cells and the reproductive system. An increase in potency in men after 40 is problematic, as conventional drugs cannot be dispensed here. In this case, the treatment of poor erection in men aged 40 years is approached in a comprehensive way, since this type of condition is accompanied not only by physiological changes, but also by psychological ones.

In addition, the age above 40 years is marked by the onset of andropause. This is somewhat comparable to female menopause, but in men this period is milder. However, during this period of time, libido declines, apathy manifests, sexual desire significantly decreases. In the context of this condition, the genital organ also becomes lethargic and lifeless.

Potency problems at age 40 also appear due to congestion in the small pelvis. Poor circulation is harmful to the reproductive organ, as the genital area is not supplied with enough blood and oxygen. In order for a man to have a good erection, his penis must have at least 70-100 ml of blood. In this case, the genital muscle becomes stiff and rigid. When the supply deteriorates, the penis quickly becomes flaccid and unable to have sexual intercourse.

a man is upset with low power after 40 how to raise

We also present a number of common reasons why potency worsens after 40 years:

  • Bad habits (alcohol, smoking);
  • Physical inactivity. The less a man moves, the worse the blood circulates through the vessels;
  • Stress. Nervous disorders, problems at work or at home have a detrimental effect on psycho-emotional health. During periods of stress and nervousness, testosterone is produced to a lesser extent, causing a decrease in libido;
  • Unbalanced diet.

A decrease in potency after 40 also occurs "due to" physiological changes in the reproductive system:

  • The elasticity of the tunic is deteriorating;
  • Over time, smooth muscle cells lose their properties and are destroyed.

Deviations can develop in the context of ischemia of the corpora cavernosa.
Also, don't forget that low potency can develop in the context of urogenital diseases, so you shouldn't rule out the presence of infection or inflammation. It is for these reasons that it is worthwhile not to self-diagnose, but to contact an experienced specialist who will competently conduct a test and identify the root cause of the potency reduction.

Increased Potency in Men Over 40: Treatment Methods

As already mentioned, the cause of a bad erection can be either a pathology or physical changes in the body, as well as a psychological problem. Often, after 40, men start to worry more about their sexual function. This fear leads to a deterioration of potency.

a mature man plays sports to increase power

Sometimes the patient should not take medication. An effective solution would be to radically change your lifestyle, namely:

  • Start playing sports. Also, there are special exercises to increase sexual potential;
  • You need to give up fast food and eat more vegetables and fruits. Eliminate fatty foods, steam more dishes;
  • Organize for yourself a good rest without phones and other devices. Dedicate one day a week for yourself and your family (spouse);
  • Most are outdoors, and if the work is "sedentary" then you need to warm up lightly every 30-40 minutes.

Such recommendations should not be overlooked, as many men who have heeded a doctor's advice have managed to eliminate health problems without drug therapy.

Also, abstinence from sexual intercourse for a while can be attributed to a drug-free method of treatment. It has been proven that when a man tries to improve his sex life every day but still misses the shot, it negatively affects the psychology of the stronger sex. Sometimes it pays to avoid intimacy for 2-3 days.

What does it do? Testosterone produces sex cells that are found in the testes. When an orgasm occurs, sperm are quickly expelled from the ejaculate. If you don't have sex for several days, the release of germ cells will be more intense, the organ will have a better blood supply, as the body understands that you need to get rid of the sperm produced.

man thinks about increasing power

It is worth including foods that help maintain the male genital area in the diet. These include:

  • Honey;
  • Carrot;
  • Eggplant;
  • Parsley, dill, spinach;
  • Goat milk.

These foods contain zinc, which is responsible for producing germ cells. Sometimes it's worth turning to traditional medicine. There are many recipes that help restore male power. Therefore, one of the most popular popular tinctures is ginseng root. It really does a good job of accelerating blood through the vessels, improving blood flow to the genitals. It is also a good aphrodisiac that increases libido.

Medicines for potency after 40 years

Frequently, representatives of the stronger sex resort to fast-acting methods, that is, they acquire stimulant drugs to increase potency. Common remedies include drugs based on the potent sildenafil component. It is he who brings the genital organ to rapid excitation.

But it is important to note that such problem solving methods are not always correct. Experts recommend that you take tests first to identify the source of the potency reduction, and then prescribe medication if necessary. Any medication has side effects, so you should not neglect prior consultation with a urologist.

Also, today there are many natural-based medicines that are sold on the Internet. The popularity of such funds lies in the affordable price. Furthermore, the composition of such products does not contain chemical additives, so it is almost impossible to harm yourself by taking such medications.


Male potency over 40 can work perfectly if a man carefully monitors his health. It is noteworthy that, in the presence of erectile dysfunction, you do not need to try to solve this problem yourself, as the reduction in potency may occur as a result of inflammatory processes or an infection that may remain dormant for some time.